Background Checks

Critical Legislation to Protect Mentees through Affordable and Timely Background Checks

Legislative Goal:

To secure passage for the Child Protection Improvements Act (CPIA) in the House and Senate.

This bill grew out of the successful SafetyNET pilot, which has now ended, and provided mentoring organizations with access to nationwide FBI fingerprint searches of potential volunteers at a low cost and with a swift turnaround time. This legislation would ensure universal access to FBI fingerprint background checks for all youth-serving organizations, help minimize the costs of screenings and emphasize the need for timely results. CPIA is bipartisan, focused on ensuring the safety of the country’s young people, and carries no taxpayer expense. Contact your members of Congress today and urge them to protect youth by passing CPIA now!

CEOs from 22 organizations who support and provide services to America’s youth have signed letters in support of the bill to Senate and House leaders. Read the letters in full and additional CPIA documents below.


Letters to Congress

September 2015 - CPIA Support Letter to U.S. House

September 2015 - CPIA Support Letter to U.S. Senate

November 2014 – CEO Support Letter to House Leadership

November 2014 - CEO Support Letters to the Senate Judiciary Committee

April 2014 - CPIA Support Letter to U.S. House

November 2013 - CPIA Support Letter to U.S. Senate


CPIA Resources

CPIA Advocacy Talking Points

Child Protection Improvements Act Fact Sheet

SafetyNET Fact Sheet


Curious about the background check laws in your state? The American Camp Association has a resource available that shows whether or not FBI criminal background checks are required for volunteers and the amount for processing these checks. To complete a search, enter your state and identify the row titled “State Allows FBI Checks”. Information is updated annually.

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