MENTOR Named to New Index of 100 High-Impact Nonprofits

November 27, 2012: The Social Impact Exchange has named MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership to the first-ever index of 100 top-performing, evidence-based nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Known as the Social Impact 100 (S&I100), this list represents two years of collaborative work within the Social Impact Exchange and offers confidence to donors, foundations and others that they are contributing to organizations that consistently deliver impact and have the potential for continued growth.

The S&I100 logotracks the number of people served across the portfolio of these nonprofits the same way the Standard & Poor’s 500 tracks the profitability of America’s large-cap companies.

Social Impact Exchange President Alex Rossides noted in making this announcement, “Right now, donors have no easy way of knowing which nonprofits are truly effective at helping people in need, which means that fewer charitable dollars are going to those programs that can do the most good. The S&I 100 changes that. By taking the guesswork out of giving, the S&I 100 has the potential to transform individual philanthropy the same way the S&P 500 changed investing for individual investors.”

As Geoff Boisi, MENTOR co-founder and board member, stated in MENTOR’s profile for the S&I 100, "For more than 20 years, MENTOR has worked to increase the number of youth in quality mentoring relationships around the country. While our collective efforts to date have resulted in mentoring relationships for three-plus million children, there remains a significant gap to address the needs of an additional 15 million children who are still waiting for that caring adult in their lives."

MENTOR’s President and Chief Executive Officer David Shapiro added, “Being named to this distinguished list is reflective of the evolution of the youth mentoring movement. The key infrastructure in the movement — standards, research, our network of local Mentoring Partnerships, application in policy, and public elevation — has advanced tremendously. With effective infrastructure, growing insights and cross-sector partnerships, we can continue to scale quality mentoring opportunities for our young people so they can find success at school, home and the workforce.”

“We share this recognition with our network of Mentoring Partnerships, thousands of mentoring organizations, the research community, our youth-serving partners, champions across sectors and all who have built and continue to advance the mentoring movement,” Shapiro said.

Major foundations, such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, are supporting the Social Impact Exchange, which also is working with donor advised funds, such as Schwab Charitable, to offer the S&I 100 to philanthropic clients.

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