MENTOR Supports White House Summer Jobs+ Program

In his remarks, Obama said, “America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that comes with a job.  It’s important for their future, and for America’s.” 

Among the companies recognized at today’s event with Drum Majors for Service Awards for their support of MENTOR, State and Local Mentoring Partnerships, and mentoring programs across the nation:
Bank of America, as part of its broader three-year $50 million goal to support education and workforce development opportunities for underserved populations, will continue to invest significantly in youth and young adults in 2012, including 1,500 paid internships at the company and local nonprofits as well as job placement programs, in conjunction with more than 80,000 hours from employee volunteers. Recognizing the value of mentoring to help make opportunities possible for young people, Bank of America served as the primary sponsor of MENTOR’s 2011 National Mentoring Summit, at which the Corporate Mentoring Challenge was launched and supports Mentoring Partnership and programs across the country. In 2011, Bank of America invested more than $15 million, and its employees volunteered more than 75,000 hours, to help youth and young adults attain life and work skills to propel them toward long-term success. 
Deloitte helps American high school students prepare for college and careers through its Their Future Is Our Future program. As part of this program, 500,000 students have experienced the Life, Inc. career exploration curriculum. Deloitte is committed to serving tens of thousands of students in 2012. Through a series of lessons, self-discovery techniques and virtual role models tailored for youth in middle and high school, Life, Inc. introduces students to various career possibilities and helps them determine what kind of educational experiences they will need in order to pursue them.  The program includes a web site, career guide, teacher’s guide and student journal, which features seven lessons that are delivered by teachers in schools and after-school youth programs. Additionally, through deep relationships with national nonprofits that lead on education including MENTOR, United Way Worldwide, College Summit and City Year, Deloitte contributes cash, pro bono service and the time of one-on-one mentors to help young people pursue the education and skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.  
JPMorgan Chase has been a leader in supporting “Learn and Earn” and “career and skill development” programs in cities across the country for decades. As a result of the 2011 Corporate Mentoring Challenge, JPMorgan Chase was inspired to expand their leadership role – by funding the launch of the Illinois Mentoring Partnership, introducing other potential funders and connecting nonprofit organizations that deliver the programs. In Chicago, JPMorgan Chase also has supported, since its creation 20 years ago, After School Matters, a program that helps teens discover and nurture their talents and aspirations for future successes. The bank’s support in 2012 will provide 1,300 teens with hands-on, project-based programs to learn about rewarding careers and to help develop marketable job skills.
State Street Corporation is committed to providing workforce development and education opportunities to approximately 1,000 youth each summer in cities including:  Boston, New York, Kansas City, and Sacramento among others. State Street provides meaningful summer employment to the full range of youth populations, including disconnected youth.  The company supports a continuum of job opportunities starting with funding subsidized wage placements in community-based organizations for first-time job experiences, as well as placements in professional positions at State Street for those who have developed basic employability skills and are ready for more responsibility.  Meaningful employment is defined as a paid work experience with quality supervision, a well-designed learning plan, and connections to supportive services (particularly positive youth development and mentoring activities).  In addition to the 200 employees who volunteer as mentors, State Street has made the State Mentoring Partnership in its headquarters of Boston, Mass Mentoring, a key strategic partner by providing lead support for its effort to provide an indicator and roadmap for quality mentoring program practices, hosting an annual National Mentoring Month forum, and investing in a myriad of mentoring programs. More recently, State Street has made youth mentoring and employment two of the focal points of an innovative Youth Violence Prevention Funders Collaborative for the City of Boston. 
Viacom is committed to providing internship and mentorship programs to connect youth to employment opportunities. Through their Summer Associates Program, VIACOM will provide 10 recent college graduates a 10-week paid training program in the summer of 2012, fostering professional and personal development and unlocking the doors to valuable real-world experience. Through their partnership with POSSE’s Career Program, Viacom will provide 30 college students and high school students with a paid internship. In addition, mentoring initiatives such as Viacom’s national mentoring program Get Connected, created with the Get Schooled Foundation, will assist students through meaningful connections with adults with the ultimate goal of helping to keep them in school and realize their true potential. In addition, Viacom stepped up to the Corporate Mentoring Challenge by working with MENTOR to create Mentor in a Box, a how-to manual and online training that will assist corporations developing and implementing effective mentoring programs. Viacom and MENTOR will introduce MIB at this year’s National Mentoring Summit. 
Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi, a member of the White House Council on Community Solutions reflected on a recent listening tour of youth across the country saying, “One thing has come through loud and clear- youth want mentors and they want them now. We have to provide those mentors and show faith in our young people.”
“It was a privilege to participate in the White House announcement of the Summer Jobs+ program and daylong symposium. We were pleased to see corporate leaders and partners recognized for their commitment to providing youth with not only employment but the life skills and mentoring relationships that are critical for their future success,” said Shapiro. “MENTOR and our network of Mentoring Partnerships continue to be grateful to these corporations and the multitude of national and local public and private sector initiatives — that invest their resources in our young people through mentoring- and we hope this will catalyze even greater engagement.”
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