The Mentoring Partnership Of New York City is an affiliate of MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership

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While the numbers may be big, we know that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  YOU can be that one person.

Mentoring works 1 child at a time.  

  • There are 74 Million kids under the age of 18 in the United States *
  • 1 Million kids DROP OUT of school every year in the United States *
  • In NYC, 61% of kids graduate on time **
  • 400,000 kids in NYC could benefit from a mentor***
  • 35,000 kids in NYC currently have mentors.***

NYC kids need your help, guidance, wisdom and support.  

 Be a mentor. 

 It's easy and it's fun!

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*U.S. Census Bureau 2012

**New York State Education Department, Press Release Dated June 14, 2011

***Mentoring Partnership of New York, 2011