Affiliate Advisory Council

The Mentoring Partnership Advisory Council

The Mentoring Partnership Advisory Council (MPAC) provides MENTOR and the youth mentoring field with capacity-building expertise and strategic guidance on a variety of national initiatives and projects such as the development of a National Quality Mentoring System, resource development, public awareness, public policy and research. The MPAC includes leaders from the network of affiliate Mentoring Partnerships who are selected through a peer nomination process.

December LeTexier, Vice-Chair (Indiana Mentoring Partnership)

Cheri Faunce, Advisory (Kansas Mentors)

Beth Fraster, Member (Mass Mentoring Partnership)

Mai-Anh Kapanke, Member (Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota)

Deborah Neary, Member (Midlands Mentoring Partnership)

Celeste Janssen, Member (Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest)

Colleen Fedor, Chair (The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania)

Abigail Ellis, Advisory (Mentoring Partnership & Resource Center of Southeastern Pennsylvania)

Diane Terrell, Member (TEAM UP Youth Mentoring Partnership)

Desiree’ Robertson, Advisory (TEAM UP Youth Mentoring Partnership)

Chad Butt, Member (Mobius – Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership)

Elizabeth Bass, Member (Virginia Mentoring Partnership)

Simon Amiel, Member (Mentoring Works Washington)

Joellen Gonder-Spacek, Senior Director, Mentoring Partnership Network

Adrienne Popeney, Manager, Mentoring Partnership Network