Volunteer Referral Service

Interested in receiving more volunteer referrals for your youth mentoring program? The Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) is another way of supplementing your recruitment efforts.

The VRS is a free service that allows prospective volunteers to search for mentoring opportunities within a radius of their postal ZIP code. Thousands of prospective volunteers visit mentoring.org each month to find and express interest in mentoring programs registered in MENTOR's National Mentoring Database (NMD).

As an active member of the NMD, your program information appears to those searching within a radius of your program ZIP code(s). You will receive volunteer referrals via email from prospective volunteers who have expressed an interest in your program.

If you aren’t sure whether your program is already a member of the NMD, you may conduct a ZIP code search at  www.mentoring.org. To register your program, go to www.mentoring.org/register. Program information submitted is evaulated against the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring, and programs meeting minimal benchmarks to ensure quality mentoring are added to the Web-searchable VRS.

In order to increase your visibility in the VRS after your program is approved, be sure to review and update your program profile quarterly by going to www.mentoring.org/update, and signing in with your username (email address), and password.