Managing your Mentoring Program

There are multiple components that must be implemented and followed to ensure that your mentoring program is managed effectively. Components include:

  • Forming an advisory group;
  • Developing a comprehensive system for managing program information;
  • Designing a resource development plan that allows for diversified fund raising;
  • Designing a system to monitor your mentoring program;
  • Creating a professional staff development plan;
  • Advocating for mentoring; and
  • Establishing a public relations effort that includes a marketing plan; partnerships and collaborations with organizations and community groups; and plans to recognize the participation and support of mentors, mentees, staff, partners and sponsors.

For detailed information on how to effectively manage your mentoring program, check out our sample resources and tools in the How to Build a Successful Mentoring Program Using the Elements of Effective Practice (PDF) Tool Kit and our Resource and Publication Library.