25th Anniversary Celebration Founder’s Circle Recognized

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership
October 23rd, 2015
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October 2015

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) is thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of the youth mentoring movement, along with our network of affiliate Mentoring Partnerships. Our Mentoring Partnerships serve a unique role as local movement builders and hubs of expertise, providing the critical link between MENTOR’s national efforts and local organizations and programs that foster and support quality mentoring relationships.

As part of this celebratory year, we are recognizing a special group of individuals who pioneered the creation of the mentoring movement, MENTOR and our affiliates and helped expand our reach across the nation through critical support. With input from national nonprofit leaders, MENTOR board members, Mentoring Partnerships and other mentoring stakeholders, we bring you the  “Mentoring Founder’s Circle”. Any list like this is simply representative of thousands of mentors, mentoring professionals, policy makers, elected officials, media champions, funders, private sector leaders, community leaders, and young people and their families who make the mentoring movement a reality.

We have deep appreciation for their vision, continued leadership and passion for building the critical backbone of mentoring’s infrastructure in support of our ongoing efforts to close the mentoring gap.

25th Anniversary Founder’s Circle

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

  • Willem (Wim) Kooyker
  • Marian Heard
  • J. Douglas Holladay
  • Robin Melvin
  • Tom  Mendell
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Alan Schwartz
  • Dr. Susan Weinberger

Affiliate Network of Mentoring Partnerships


California Mentoring Partnership

  • Dr. Andy Mecca
  • Governor Pete Wilson


Colorado Mentoring Partnership

  • Joan S. Brennan


The Governors Prevention Partnership

  • Susan Patrick
  • Dr. Susan Weinberger


Mentor Center of Palm Beach County

  • Leslie Langbert
  • Liz Vanmeek


Illinois Mentoring Partnership

  • Sheila Merry
  • Glenn Tilton


Indiana Mentoring Partnership

  • Jim Morris


Iowa Mentoring Partnership

  • Adam Lounsbury
  • Karen Nussle
  • Sally Pederson


Kansas Mentors

  • Governor Kathleen Sebelius
  • Coach Bill Snyder


Maryland Mentoring Resource Center  

  • Bishop A. Bryan Claxton
  • Robert Embry
  • Kalman R. Hettleman
  • James Piper
  • Richard Rowe
  • Stuart Simms


Mass Mentoring Partnership

  • Rev. J. Donald Monan, S.J.
  • Paul O’Brien
  • Ted Kelly


Mentor Michigan

  • Governor Jennifer Granholm


Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota

  • Bob Dayton
  • Joanie Dayton
  • Joellen Gonder-Spacek


Midlands Mentoring Partnership

  • Julie Hefflinger
  • Suzanne Hince
  • Dr. Tom Osborne
  • Mike Yanney

New Jersey

Newark Mentoring Movement 

  • Senator Cory Booker

New York

Mentoring Partnership of New York and Long Island

  • James O. Boisi (in memoriam)
  • Joan S. Brennan

North Carolina 

Mentoring Partnership of North Carolina

  • Linda Harrill
  • The Honorable James B. Hunt Jr.
  • Representative Graig Meyer


Mentoring Center of Central Ohio

  • Janet Jackson
  • Doug  Kridler
  • Steve Moore


Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest (formerly Oregon Mentors)

  • Ken Thrasher


Mentoring Partnership & Resource Center (Southeast Pennsylvania)

  • William Gray III (in memoriam)
  • George M. Ross (in memoriam)
  • Lynda Terrell

Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania

  • Diana Bucco
  • Charles (Chip) Burke, Jr.
  • George Miles, Jr.
  • Dan Rooney

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership

  • Alan Shawn Feinstein
  • John Howell
  • James McCormick
  • Arlene McNulty


Grizzlies TEAM Up Youth Mentoring Partnership       

  • Jenny Koltnow
  • Elliot Perry
  • Alayne Shoenfeld


Mobius, Vermont Mentoring Partnership

  • Theresa Alberghini DiPalma
  • Rick Davis
  • Sascha Mayer
  • Dan Smith
  • Larry Williams


Virginia Mentoring Partnership

  • Dr. Cathy Howard
  • S. Buford Scott
  • Dr. Jennifer Smith-Slabaugh


Mentoring Works Washington

  • Bob Craves (in memoriam)
  • Jim Marsh
  • Lt. Governor Brad Owen
  • Tom Pennella
  • Jim Sinegal

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