Summit Sponsor Spotlight: Q&A with Ryan Moore of Bank of America

Ryan Moore, Bank of America
December 27th, 2017
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Ryan Moore has worked at Bank of America for 14 years and currently serves as a member of the digital sales team in Belfast, Maine. Over the past six years, Ryan has provided hundreds of volunteer hours for Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG), a student centered program that pairs more than 7,000 students with specialists and mentors who provide wraparound academic and personal support from as early as 6th grade to as late as college graduation.

Q: How have you seen an impact on the students you work with?

A: I, along with other employees from our Bank of America site in Belfast, have provided over 400 hours of service for JMG in the past year. We’ve hosted mock interviews, taught financial literacy, and provided networking sessions for students in the program at an event called Bank of America Day. I’ve seen that these kids need as much attention as we can provide and that paying attention to them makes a difference. I’ve watched anxious and shy students learn to shine in interviews. I remember one moment in particular, where a student with autism took us all by surprise and nailed his mock interview. He did really well and even spoke about his autism during the interview. When at the end of the interview he stood up and initiated a handshake with me, we were all beaming with pride.

Q: What have you learned from the students?

A: Spending time with these kids is so rewarding. They are incredibly passionate about being involved in the JMG program, and that passion is contagious. It was that energy that drew me into the program six years ago, and it continues to motivate me to expand our impact. I want more kids to be able to find their passion and go after it. I feel extremely grateful to work at a place like Bank of America that allows me to take time out of my usual work routine and find a way to bring about positive change in my community.

Q: How does Bank of America encourage and support employees to serve their communities?

A: Bank of America makes a conscious effort to engage employees in volunteerism. All full time employees are offered two hours of paid volunteer time each week to serve the organizations we’re passionate about, which is really important for me because I get to volunteer for JMG in the town where I live. In addition to offering volunteer hours, Bank of America rewards the nonprofits that employees volunteer for – if employees log enough hours at an organization, Bank of America will award a sponsorship grant to that nonprofit. This commitment to community is visible at all levels of staff at Bank of America. I was given a Global Volunteer Award in Charlotte earlier this year on behalf of my work with JMG, and our CEO and other members of the leadership team were all there. It’s incredible to see that kind of commitment to meaningful issues beyond day-to-day work coming from the top.


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