August is a Month of Mentoring Advocacy

Adriane Alicea, Director of Government Relations
July 30th, 2019
Posted In: Advocacy, Campaigns

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Every year, members of Congress return to their communities for the entire month of August. Congress uses this month as a “recess” for legislative business, but it’s no break for members of Congress. They spend their time addressing critical district and state work by meeting with constituents, visiting non-profits, schools, and small businesses, hosting town halls, and attending events. This is a monumental time for them to hear and understand what is going on back home and to be “seen” in their communities. In many cases, members of Congress have more time to actively engage with their constituents since they are not bound by votes and the constant hustle and bustle of the Capitol and Washington, D.C.. August is the perfect opportunity for mentoring and youth development advocates to make an impact on the elected officials that make decisions about the issues we care about!

Like every Advocacy August, we call on mentoring advocates to engage with their elected officials in big and small ways — whatever works for you to either build or continue relationships with elected officials and other stakeholders. Below we have an assortment of resources that can help guide your actions this month.

We hope that you will take the time to engage, activate, and recharge your advocacy this summer and look forward to hearing what you’ve done!



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