January 13th, 2020
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Helping to create a future of opportunity.

We are using the strength of the Deloitte community to help people uncover pathways to prosperity through college readiness, skills development, and employment access initiatives.

One such way is through RightStep ― our commitment to helping students overcome obstacles they face on their path to college readiness. Deloitte provides a range of opportunities for our professionals to invest their time and talent to support RightStep, all with the same goal: to help prepare and inspire more students to persist through high school and college, and transition successfully to the workforce.

RightStep Virtual Mentoring Program

Fueled by the Deloitte Foundation RightStep Education Fund, Deloitte’s Virtual Mentoring Program allows mentors to connect with students to provide encouragement and support through Strive for College’s web-based platform, uStrive, or its easy-to-use mobile app. We have found this to be an effective way for mentors and mentees to connect anywhere, anytime, and with any schedule. To date, Deloitte professionals have helped over 4,000 underrepresented students navigate the college application process.  

For the past three years, Deloitte has collaborated with MENTOR to enhance our virtual mentoring program through webinars with our professionals to coach them on how to be effective in a virtual setting. MENTOR also provided input on our curricula to increase connectivity between mentors and mentees.  Beyond our virtual mentoring program, MENTOR has been an insightful advisor to help us establish how we measure and implement our mentoring programs, including helping us develop survey questions to measure outcomes and enhance and maximize the experience for our professionals.

“After signing up for the [RightStep virtual mentoring] program, I was matched with a student who was deciding where to go to college. She was being dissuaded by family and friends from attending a community college. We went over the pros and cons of going to a 4-year vs. 2-year school. As a community college graduate, which helped me get hired by Deloitte, I was able to demonstrate to her the benefits of having a 2-year degree while ultimately getting a 4-year degree. It was fulfilling for me to build a relationship with my mentee and help her shape the best path for her future.” ― Deloitte RightStep virtual mentor

This is just one of many stories of how Deloitte professionals have been able to support young people pursuing college and career.  Specifically, we have found that leveraging technology to help our professionals engage with students allows more people to get involved and connect with students in new ways.

As an organization that operates often in a virtual environment, bringing a technology component to our volunteerism was natural. However, we recognized that building connections virtually can present challenges. For mentors, we had to prepare our professionals to take the time to get to know their mentee. Our professionals are so comfortable on the phone and in meetings but oftentimes this was a first for their mentees. The mentors had to start with some questions over text/email to gradually get to know their mentees vs jumping right to a video call.  On the mentee side, we worked closely with Strive for College to help keep mentees engaged. They are high school students with a lot going on, so we had to help them understand that mentoring can provide meaningful connections to help provide support, opportunities, and the skills to reach their full potential.

Deloitte Academy

Another Deloitte signature RightStep mentoring program, Deloitte Academy, connects Deloitte professionals with underserved students who aspire to achieve college and career success.

The Deloitte Academy: 3-Day Experience (DA3D) focuses on a consistent mentoring relationship enabled through exposure to signature content and our Deloitte environment. Together with their mentors, students explore competencies and skills correlated with college success, including self-awareness, persistence, motivation, and the ability to operate in diverse settings. To help students envision themselves as our future colleagues, the workshops use engaging activities that spark relationships as much as concept comprehension.  The DA3D was designed by content specialists and professional educators, drawing on research and leading practices for how students learn and grow. 

“It makes you dig into your future and really make you think how much you have to offer the world and how much talent you have.” – DA3D student, Houston

Learn more about Deloitte’s RightStep program.

Deloitte is a proud sponsor of 2020 National Mentoring Summit and we look forward to meeting other organizations at the forefront of mentoring.

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