A youth-led community dialogue aimed at supporting young people as they process recent events and the state of race relations.

Collectively, we face a historic moment for the country and the world. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, alongside a history of injustice, systemic racism, and state violence brings us to this place. As adults, we struggle to make sense of the world, and its happenings. So much so that we may forget that our young people grapple with the same reality, the reality that their very existence, the existence of their families, and the existence of their communities are at risk. 

As young people fight in the streets for our freedom, as they work to make sense of the violence and injustice they see daily, we want to support them with space and platforms to utilize their voice. 

This virtual town hall is being designed with that in mind. It is an opportunity to bring together young people from all over the world for a collective response to these tragic events, to share space, and to heal. 

YMAN and MENTOR, alongside national and international partners, will host a panel of 5-6 youth from across the country/world to discuss recent events, with two discussants. During the event, young people will share their pain, their insights, and their plans for the future.


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The Black Youth Town Hall is seventy-five minutes of youth-centered art and discussion about recent events. A group of youth will engage in a panel conversation moderated by co-discussants; one youth and one adult with a mental health background.



Cameron Adams
Youth Employee, Youth Mentoring Action Network

Dr. Wizdom Powell
Director, Health Disparities Institute


Anonymous Youth
Youth Advocate for Mentoring, MENTOR
Richmond, VA

Aniya Wingate
Urban Souls Dance Company
Houston, TX

Jailen Leavell
Activist, and Journalism Major
Cities United Young Leader Fellow
Louisville, KY

Aric Hamilton
Student Advocate
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO

Meg Zeenat Wamithi
A revolutionary young leader
Multi-award-winning mental health campaigner and consultant.
Founder and CEO at My Mind Matters Too, recipient Diana award,
London, UK

Gabrielle Bello
Operations Director, YesSheCanCampaign
Co-Leader, The Climb is Our Story
Co-CEO, We Are Human
Recipient of the Princess Diana Award
Chicago, IL

James Hill
CEO, WriteAway
11th Grade Student
Hopkins, MN

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