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Who Do You Turn To?

9 million kids in America are growing up without an answer to this question. They make everyday choices that lead up to life’s big decisions without enough guidance and support – the kind most of us count on. Every kid should have someone to turn to.

Mentor In Real Life

Did You Know?

Young Adults Who Were At-Risk for Falling Off Track But Had a Mentor Are:

55% more likely to enroll in college.
78% more likely to volunteer regularly.
90% are interested in becoming a mentor.
130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

You Can Have an Impact
In Real Life.

Mentoring provides meaningful connections that impact the people involved and influences their lives at home, at work and in their communities. For those who are being mentored, it is linked to improved academic, social and economic prospects. For those who are mentoring, the relationship can build leadership and management skills, expand a mentor’s professional network, and provide an empowering opportunity to give back to the community.

Mentor In Real Life

9 million kids need a trusted mentor to turn to.
You can help close the mentoring gap.

Mentor In Real Life

Imagine where you would be without the guidance of that teacher, friend or loved one who helped show you the way. Volunteering as a mentor is a valuable step in helping kids make the best choices in life.

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In real life, major change needs the support of powerful people. Vote for candidates who care about mentoring, and support public policies that advance the cause.

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Real solutions need real resources. Make a donation in support of mentoring and help connect more kids to mentors in real life.



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Together, we can turn isolation into connection so that no young person has to walk the path to adulthood alone.

The In Real Life campaign was launched in response to President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative and the call-to-action to deliver on the promise of opportunity for all of our young people. Mentoring is a centerpiece of the initiative because of the proven impact on positive outcomes.

Wanting to make an impact on the lives of boys and young men in communities of the highest need, the NBA joined MENTOR to develop In Real Life. It’s the first initiative the league has launched with the support of the entire NBA family – the league, the players’ association, and the retired players’ association – a reflection of the universal connection to mentoring felt around the league.

Our goal is to build a grassroots movement of natural mentors like teachers, coaches, and family friends, formal mentors who work with a mentoring program, public and private sector supporters, donors, and advocates who believe that an asset so critical – mentoring – cannot be left to chance. A movement to connect every young person to the kind of meaningful relationships that provide us all with networks of support and opportunity.

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