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MENTOR North Carolina is dedicated to increasing the number of youth in quality mentoring relationships across North Carolina while working to address the systemic barriers that young people face on a daily basis. Movement of Youth serves as the host agency of MENTOR North Carolina.

As an Affiliate, MENTOR North Carolina will unify and advance the local mentoring movement by focusing its work in two core functional areas:

Technical Assistance

MENTOR North Carolina will provide a range of capacity building efforts to help mentoring agencies incorporate or enhance quality mentoring practices that lead to long term sustainability, including:

  • Trainings & Presentations
    • Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring ™
    • In-house custom mentoring training (mentors, mentees, staff)
  • Consulting & Technical Assistance
    • Program development, design, planning, implementation, and maintenance
    • Management and operations
    • Board governance
    • Strategic planning
    • Survey tools, program observation, data interpretation, focus groups
    • Other program related needs
Racial Equity

Youth in mentoring relationships are oftentimes told that anyone who works hard, studies, and makes good decisions will get ahead. But for many youth of color, structural barriers based on race create unique life challenges that mentoring alone cannot account for, such as the following:

  • Black preschool students are more likely to be suspended or kicked out of class for normal child behaviors like tantrums, hitting, or disobeying than are white children (New Federal Report, March 2014)
  • White Americans are more likely to violate drug laws than Black Americans, yet Blacks have been sent to prison on drug charges at a rate of 20-50 times that of whites (ACLU, 2013)
  • A White job applicant with a criminal record is more likely to get called back than an equally qualified Black applicant without a criminal record (Pager, 2003)

MENTOR North Carolina will support organizations and agencies that offer mentoring support explore the foundations of institutionalized racism, how it manifests in mentoring relationships, and how mentoring might be leveraged to advocate for social change.

For more information, please contact Atrayus O. Goode, President & CEO of MENTOR North Carolina.

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Mentoring is as diverse as the people who step up to become mentors, and there are several ways to tailor your mentoring experience to fit your time commitment and talents. You can mentor on the field as coaches, in the classroom as tutors, in after-school programs as career guides, and in the community in group settings. With 1 in 3 youth growing up in America without a caring adult in their lives, we need your help to close the mentoring gap. Get connected to local mentoring opportunities that match your schedule and interests in five easy steps.

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