MentorCore Program Management Software


MentorCore, a program management software launched in 2013, was developed by CiviCore with significant input from MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR), our national network of MENTOR Affiliates, top researchers in the field and staff from a variety of mentoring program types and sizes. MentorCore is grounded in recognized best practices for effective screening, training, matching and match support and management through closure.

MENTOR recommends MentorCore as a robust, low-cost, cloud-based application designed to meet the specific needs of mentoring programs in all aspects of mentor-mentee matching, day-to-day program management, and reporting.

The highly-customizable tool is designed for effective tracking of match outcomes at the program level, and will also provide a rich source of anonymous aggregate data to inform research in the mentoring field, and to assist in fundraising and field building.

Ongoing development and support of MentorCore is provided by CiviCore, which has developed systems for over 100 mentoring organizations, including some of our MENTOR Affiliates.

Data Management

  • Manage and analyze demographic data on mentees, mentors and matches
  • Track match activities, including trainings and relationship-related data
  • Conduct surveys to build robust data regarding program effectiveness
  • Allows agencies the ability to customize the data they collect

Workflow & Communication

  • Manage mentor and mentee application and screening processes
  • Make informed mentor/mentee matches
  • Organize and prioritize waiting lists
  • Manage activities such as classes and trainings

Outcome Measurement & Reporting

  • Create dashboards to track key information and indicators
  • Generate reports to provide stakeholders with important insights
  • Allow data to be aggregated anonymously and incorporated into national data sets used to support research and advancement in the field
  • Allows agencies the ability to customize the way they report on data they collect