Philanthropic IMPACT Webinar Series


MENTOR established the Philanthropic IMPACT Webinar Series in February 2017 to explore how philanthropic partners are accelerating the mentoring movement through Investments, Measurement, Partnerships, Activation, Collaboration and Training (IMPACT). This webinar series is designed for corporations, foundations and individual donors that are currently engaged in or interested in supporting the youth mentoring field. Webinars are free and online. Links to register for upcoming webinars, with full descriptions, are posted below. Recordings of the webinars are also available in the archive section below.

Upcoming Webinars

Next Live Webinar

 IMPACT Webinar: Leveraging LinkedIn to Support Career Mentoring with Youth

Date: Apr 18, 2018 2:00-3:00pm EST


Presented by: MENTOR & LinkedIn 

The April 2018 IMPACT webinar will feature LinkedIn Coaches which introduces youth to professional branding, networking and the LinkedIn platform. We’ll discuss how youth can create profiles, build networks and find jobs on LinkedIn, and we will explore how you might integrate this curriculum into your mentoring program. We will discuss partnership advice, target program outcomes and employee engagement tactics, leaving plenty of time for questions from webinar participants. SPEAKERS:

  • Daniel Horgan, Senior Director of Corporate Engagement at MENTOR (moderator)
  • Bari Saltman, Manager of Social Impact at LinkedIn


Cultivating a Growth Mindset within Your Organization and Mentoring Programs

Presented by: The Raikes Foundation, City Year, and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership This month’s IMPACT webinar will explore how foundations, corporations and mentoring programs alike are focusing on growth mindset as a strategy to increase equity, relationships and impact. Growth mindset, a concept pioneered by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, is the belief that attributes, such as intelligence and abilities, can be developed and enhanced over time through hard  work and practice, effective strategies, and input from others. Research shows that when people possess a growth mindset, they are more persistent with their effort and are better equipped to respond positively to adversity. With a growth mindset, we can make our organizations and programs more inclusive as well as enhance relationships among staff, mentors and mentees. Register today for this webinar to gain practical advice and be equipped with tangible tools to advance a growth mindset within your organization and mentoring programs. Panelists will share why growth mindset is a priority within their organizations and how they’ve intentionally fostered it within their teams and mentoring matches.

  • Daniel Horgan, MENTOR
  • Lindsay Hill, Raikes Foundation
  • Tasha Booker, City Year Columbus
  • Jennifer Bourgoin, MENTOR

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Public/Private Partnerships in Mentoring: Genentech & South San Francisco Unified School District

Presented by: MENTOR, Genentech and South San Francisco Unified School District This month’s IMPACT webinar will feature an innovative, STEM-focused public/private partnership between Genentech and the South San Francisco Unified School District. The partnership has created Futurelab, a science education mentoring program that inspires the next generation of scientists. With unique, hands-on programming designed to engage students in elementary, middle and high school, Futurelab fosters excitement for science in students, goes beyond the classroom to bring science to life, and empowers students with the tools and knowledge to pursue a career in science. In this webinar, leaders from Genentech and the South San Francisco Unified School District will discuss the origins of their partnership, provide a thorough overview of K-12 programming, and highlight how Futurelab is good for business and the community. We will discuss lessons learned, partnership advice, program outcomes and employee engagement tactics, leaving plenty of time for questions from webinar participants.

  • Daniel Horgan, Senior Director of Corporate Engagement at MENTOR (moderator)
  • Ragnar Von Schiber, Associate Director of Corporate Citizenship and Engagement at Genentech
  • Jason Brockmeyer, Director of Innovation, Community Outreach and Special Projects at the South San Francisco Unified School District

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The Power of Relationships: Mentoring Youth for Workforce Success

Presented by: MENTOR, Mentoring Works Washington / Costco This month’s IMPACT webinar will feature a pilot project called Opportunity Youth Thriving. With funding from the Schultz Family Foundation, MENTOR is working with the America’s Promise Alliance to create a new, national mentorship initiative that focuses on the extra support needed by Opportunity Youth, young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not in school and who do not have a job. The goal is to create and test quality mentor relationships and both community-based and business mentorship models that help these young people prepare for, secure, and meet their potential. We will provide an overview of the project and share some early lessons learned in the pilot related to cross-sector partnership, expanding webs of support for Opportunity Youth and preparing workplace supervisors to be effective managers and mentors of youth workers.

  • Dudney Sylla, MENTOR
  • Claude Greene, Mentoring Works Washington & Costco
  • Brittany Moore, America’s Promise Alliance
  • Shannon Varga, Center for Promise

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Maximizing Engagement and Impact Through Intergenerational Youth Mentoring

Presented by: General Motors and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership Join us to learn about General Motors’ intergenerational youth mentoring program called Student Corps. The program pairs teams of 10 high school interns with retired GM executives and college interns to plan and complete community service projects, primarily at neighborhood schools and parks. The students develop teamwork, leadership skills and a community service mindset while working as small start-ups, managing all aspects of their projects from budgeting, planning and problem solving to execution. Program leadership will share the business case for the program, the program design and the impact of the program since its launch in 2013.

  • Heidi Magyar, Director of Community Outreach – General Motors
  • Matt Ybarra, Community Outreach Coordinator – General Motors & Student Corps Alum
  • Daniel Horgan, Corporate Partnerships Consultant – MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

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Great Management Is Great Mentoring: Mentoring Youth in the Workplace

Presented by Bank of America and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership This summer, thousands of youth will be entering the workplace through summer youth employment programs and internship initiatives. We have developed this webinar to support the managers of those youth, to prepare them with effective mentoring and management practices that will positively impact youth and the business. The tangible advice that we will share is rooted in the experiences of hundreds of Bank of America employee volunteers who mentor youth, helping to build their self-esteem, develop their leadership skills, and create access to enriching experiences. Considering that 1 in 3 youth are growing up in America today without a caring adult in their lives, managers have an incredible opportunity to change the trajectory of a young person’s life by welcoming them onto their teams, providing clear direction, offering them opportunities to gain new skills and experiences, and coaching them on how to succeed at work and in life. Great management is great mentoring.

  • Kerry Sullivan, President – Bank of America Charitable Foundation (@KerryHSullivan)
  • Daniel Horgan, Corporate Partnerships Consultant – MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

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How a Cross-sector Partnership Designed a WINning Mentoring Program

Presented by State Street Corporation and Mass Mentoring Partnership In this webinar, we explore how State Street Corporation is using mentoring as a strategic tool in the design and execution of a signature corporate philanthropy program, Boston WINs (Workforce Investment Network). Boston WINs is a new innovative, venture philanthropy approach that provides major investments in five proven nonprofit programs focused on education and career development and couples that with the human capital of State Street to help improve outcomes for Boston’s opportunity youth. Webinar participants will gain an understanding of how State Street is partnering, both internally and externally, to reach these goals, while also focusing on corporate culture, employee engagement, and reputational enhancement. The panel will include State Street Corporation’s Corporate Citizenship team and the Mass Mentoring Partnership’s team who have been supporting State Street Corporation as they execute this new program. For more information on Boston WINs, visit


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Deloitte/Strive for College (March 2017)

Learn more about how Strive for College’s online mentoring platform focused on college access is allowing Deloitte employee mentors to virtually support students anytime, anywhere, and is providing employees a rare volunteer opportunity that fits their increasingly virtual world.

  • Meredith Fontecchio, Sr. Manager, Corporate Citizenship, Deloitte
  • Michael Carter, Founder & CEO, Strive for College

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