Meeting Youth Where They Are: Why Social-Emotional Skills and Cultural Responsive Mentoring is Critical for College and Career Readiness

I knew something was off when I couldn’t focus in my courses, the weight of my head was too much to bear, and getting out of bed was increasingly difficult as the days passed. I couldn’t articulate this at the time, but I was suffering from depression. During […]

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Program Feature: Autism Mentorship Program (AMP)

Being autistic in a neurotypical world can be painful. This was literally brought home to me when my son Zach tearfully recounted the social challenges he encountered on the 2nd grade playground: “No one understands me, Mom. Not even you, because your brain works different than mine.” This […]

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Emily Goldberg, Autism Mom/Founder of AMP
December 17th, 2018
Posted In: Awareness, In Real Life

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