Meeting Youth Where They Are: Why Social-Emotional Skills and Cultural Responsive Mentoring is Critical for College and Career Readiness

I knew something was off when I couldn’t focus in my courses, the weight of my head was too much to bear, and getting out of bed was increasingly difficult as the days passed. I couldn’t articulate this at the time, but I was suffering from depression. During […]

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A Teacher’s View on Reducing Chronic Absenteeism

Mentors have powerful opportunities to inspire students. This September, as part of the fifth annual Attendance Awareness Month campaign, we will be sharing stories and resources showcasing the power of strong relationships to keep students involved in school. “I missed the bus” or, “My mom said we did not have […]

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Stephen Kostyo, Policy Advisor, Learning Policy Institute and Former Capitol Hill Fellow
September 14th, 2017
Posted In: Awareness, Campaigns, Education

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