Thank Your Mentor Campaign

From November to the end of January, join the national conversation dedicated to recognizing the important role mentors play in our lives! Share your story on social media to show the power of mentoring and inspire potential volunteers to become a mentor. See below how you can participate!


1. Write Your Message

Write a short sentence about your mentor starting with “My Mentor…” You can use a board of your own or download a template here! Include #ThankYourMentor below your message.

2. Take a Picture

Take a picture of yourself holding the sign about your mentor, modeled on the image above! We also invite you to take a video and share more of your story!

 3. Upload to Social Media

Upload your image to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and include #ThankYourMentor in your text. If possible, tag your mentor as well!

Check out our Storify for Twitter inspiration by clicking the button below:

Thank Your Mentor Tweets

Share Your Story

Inspire others to mentor by telling us about how a mentor has impacted you or about your experience mentoring a young person. Be sure to share your mentoring moment on social media!