Thank Your Mentor Campaign

From November to the end of January, join the national conversation dedicated to recognizing the important role mentors play in our lives! Share your story on social media to show the power of mentoring and inspire potential volunteers to become a mentor.

 1. Write Your Message

Write out a short sentence thanking your mentor for how they have positively impacted your life. You can use a board of your own or download a template here! Include #ThankYourMentor below your message.

 2. Take a Photo or Video

Take a photo of yourself holding the sign about your mentor, modeled on the images you see here! Or shoot a video of yourself thanking your mentor!

 3. Upload to Social Media

Upload your image or video to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to include #ThankYourMentor in your text. Remember to tag your mentor and MENTOR in your posts so we can further amplify!

MENTOR Social Handles

Facebook: @MENTORnational | Instagram: @mentornmp | Twitter: @MENTORnational

Additional Engagement Opportunity:

Story Submission Contest

Submit your mentoring story to the Storytelling Repository in November to be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Please see below for rules.

1 entry per story 

2 entries if it includes a photo 

5 entries if it includes a video 

A new winner will be chosen every week, so watch this space!

Share Your Story

Inspire others to mentor by telling us about how a mentor has impacted you or about your experience mentoring a young person.
Be sure to share your mentoring moment on social media!