2016 National Mentoring Program Survey

The 2016 National Mentoring Program Survey explored trends in programming, gaps in services, and the challenges youth mentoring programs face, as well as identified opportunities for MENTOR and its affiliates to provide targeted support and growth for the mentoring field into the future. The survey gathered detailed information about:

  • 1,271 mentoring agencies and 1,451 distinct mentoring programs
  • 413,237 youth served by 193,823 mentors and supported by 10,804 staff members
  • The services, practices, settings, goals, challenges, and financial resources of these programs

The resulting report serves as a rich descriptive snapshot of what youth mentoring programs look like and where the entire field is headed. Questions about the National Survey, data analyses, or the Examining Youth Mentoring Services report itself can be directed to MENTOR’s Director of Research and Evaluation, Mike Garringer.

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Key Findings and Conclusions from the 2016 National Mentoring Program Survey

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