Women’s History Month

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Women’s History Month

Each March, we mark Women’s History Month as a way to honor, highlight, and elevate the voices and contributions of women worldwide. In 2019, MENTOR celebrated Women’s History Month by sharing women’s wisdom and stories about mentoring to inspire individuals to step up and become mentors. Each day in March, MENTOR spotlighted at least one woman – from history or present day – sharing her own mentoring journey or encouragement through video, photos, and quotes via social media.

We encourage you to also share YOUR Women’s History Month story using hashtags #MentorIRL and #WomensHistoryMonth on social media.

Check out these amazing mentoring stories below!

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March 1

Oprah Winfrey Women's History Month

Oprah Winfrey

First Black Woman Billionaire, Media Mogul, Philanthropist, Author

March 2

Megan Sommers Women's History Month

Megan Sommers

Academic Director at Steel City Squash


March 3

Aniya Wingate Women's History Month

Aniya Wingate

Youth Artist from Houston, Texas


March 4

Virginia Tenpenny Women's History Month

Virginia Tenpenny

Vice President of Global Social Impact at Starbucks


March 6

Alicia Moore Women's History Month

Alicia Moore

Executive Director of MENTOR Greater Milwaukee


March 8

Sadhana Singh Women's History Month

Sadhana Singh

Program and Communications Manager at TheDream.US


March 9


Sally Ride

First American Woman in Space, Engineer, Physicist, Professor


March 10

Zahkiya Brown Women's History Month

Zahkiya Brown

Senior Program Coordinator at America SCORES New York


March 11

Cammie Erickson Women's History Month

Cammie Erickson

Senior Manager of Social Impact at LinkedIn


March 12

Liz Murray Women's History Month

Liz Murray

Executive Director of The Arthur Project


March 13


Representative Ayanna Pressley

Member of the United States House of Representatives, MA-07


March 14


Representative Abigail Spanberger

Member of the United States House of Representatives, VA-07


March 15



President and CEO of
MENTOR Rhode Island

March 16


Samana Budhathoki

Match Support Supervisor at
Power 4 Youth

March 17


Elizabeth Bass

Executive Director of MENTOR Virginia

March 18

Jane Goodall Women's History Month

Jane Goodall

Anthropologist, Primatologist

March 19

Caryl Stern Women's History Month

Caryl Stern

President and CEO of UNICEF USA

March 20

Sheri Schultz Women's History Month

Sheri Schultz

President of the
Schultz Family Foundation

March 20

Josephine Kearns Women's History Month

Josephine Kearns

Program Coordinator at
TransMentor Program

March 21

Sonia Sotomayor Women's History Month

Sonia Sotomayor

First Latina Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America

March 22

Jean Eddy Women's History Month

Jean Eddy

President and CEO of
American Student Assistance

March 23

Laila Ali Women's History Month

Laila Ali

Boxer, Athlete, Television Personality

March 25

Kim Schrier Women's History Month

Representative Kim Schrier

Member of the United States House of Representatives, WA-08


March 25

Sue Anne Wells Women's History Month

Sue Anne Wells

Founder of Mustang Leadership Partners
Board Member of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

March 26

Bekah Salwasser Women's History Month

Bekah Salwasser

Executive Director of the Red Sox Foundation

March 26

Nancy Altobello Women's History Month

Nancy Altobello

Chair of the Board
MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership


March 27

Kerry Sullivan Women's History Month

Kerry Sullivan

President of Bank of America
Charitable Foundation


March 27

Judy Vredenburgh Women's History Month

Judy Vredenburgh

President and CEO of Girls Inc.

March 28

Pam Iorio Women's History Month

Pam Iorio

President and CEO of 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

March 29

Deborah Holmes Women's History Month

Deborah Holmes

Americas Director of 
Corporate Responsibility at EY

March 29

Susan W Brooks Women's History Month

Representative Susan W Brooks

Member of the United States House of Representatives, IN-05

March 30

Leslie Cruz Women's History Month

Leslie Cruz

CEO of STEMConnector

March 30

Cheri Blauwet Women's History Month

Cheri Blauwet

Paralympic Athlete and Physician

March 31

Frances Maher Women's History Month

Frances Maher

Deloitte Mentee, RightStep – Strive for College Mentor

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