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Research has consistently shown that mentoring relationships can have a significant positive effect on young people – yet the mentoring gap still persists with one in three young people in America not having access to a mentor. One of the easiest ways we can help narrow this gap is to integrate mentoring into a holistic approach to driving achievement – one which cannot succeed without dedicated efforts across many fields. The Mentoring Effect, a research report released in 2014, identified some paths forward towards that goal:

Paths forward to goal

  • Integrating mentoring into other national initiatives such as those aimed at reducing poverty, drug abuse and violence, and promoting healthy decision making
  • Prioritizing mentoring relationships for those young people most in need
  • Expanding local, state, and federal public policies that advance quality mentoring
  • Ensuring that all structured mentoring is quality mentoring through the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™
  • Supporting and increasing private sector engagement in mentoring
  • Facilitating connections between research and practice – such as the National Quality Mentoring System and the National Mentoring Resource Center
  • Exploring innovations like technology or youth-initiated mentoring
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