Advocacy August Toolkit and Resources

Every August members of Congress return back to their communities for the entire month. Congress uses this month as a “recess” for legislative business, but it’s no break for members of Congress. They spend their time addressing critical district and state work by meeting with constituents, visiting non-profits, schools, and small businesses, hosting town halls, and attending events. This summer join the mentoring movement’s Advocacy August as we use Congress’ summer recess to engage and inform members of Congress of the importance of mentoring in your home state. You can take action using some or all of the resources in the toolkit below.

Advocacy Issues

Advocacy August asks Members of Congress to make a strong commitment to mentoring and youth development. You can choose to advocate on behalf of a number of legislative issues including:

  • The OJJDP Youth Mentoring Grant and the importance of federal funding for mentoring.
  • H.R. 3061, The Foster Youth Mentoring Act to support funds for mentoring programs that serve young people in foster care and create strong networks of collaboration between child welfare agencies and mentoring programs.
  • Prioritize mentoring as an integral support for first-generation college students as Congress works on higher education reauthorization ensuring that all students have access to supportive relationships.
  • Local and state policy issues related to mentoring and building relationships with local officials like mayors.


Email Adriane Alicea at with questions or to find out if there is a town hall happening in your city or state.

Make a difference

1 in 3 young people in the U.S. will grow up without a mentor of any kind. Help us close this gap — be a #MentoringAdvocate! Raise your voice, share your knowledge, and affect positive change through engagement with Congress and other influencers in your communities.

Voter Voice

Mentoring funding

Learn about current opportunities for federal funding for youth mentoring and other critical education and youth development initiatives.

Mentoring legislation

The portfolio of issues tied to mentoring continues to grow on Capitol Hill. Learn more about specific bills and proposals for expanding quality mentoring opportunities for the country’s young people. You can view MENTOR’s Legislative Platform here.

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