Masculinity Guide

Conversations About Masculinity: How Mentors Can Support Young Men of Color

Conversations About Masculinity: How Mentors Can Support Young Men of Color is a research-backed and youth-informed guide to unpack the timely and critical topic of toxic masculinity. Our collective understanding of gender is evolving, and how we understand masculinity is evolving with it. With this guide, mentoring programs, practitioners, and mentors can reflect on their experiences, biases, and assumptions to more effectively leverage their strengths and the power of mentoring to support young people.

Informed by research, practice, and the experiences of young men from JPMorgan Chase’s The Fellowship Initiative, Conversations About Masculinity provides practical tips to support the development of relationships that encourage young men to explore expressions of masculinity to serve healthy decision making, self-development, and care for others. This report was made possible by generous support from The Fellowship Intiative at JPMorgan Chase & Co, Action Research Associates, and Vibrant Emotional Health.

Guide to Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color

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Glossary of terms explored in this guide, such as gender expression, intersectionality, and privilege.

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Additional Resources

Additional resources on topics explored in this guide, including mentoring boys and young men of color, gender, race, and critical mentoring.

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“Redefining Manhood: How to Promote Healthy Masculinity Among Boys” addresses toxic masculinity and how counselors and other individuals can help young men understand the problem. This piece promotes healthy masculinity, how it differs for each individual, and how counselors can help reduce the negative elements of masculinity. You can find the full article here:

We thank JPMorgan for making this work possible and for being a leader in growing youth mentoring.