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MENTOR’s national network of affiliates serves as the catalysts of state and local mentoring movements.
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MENTOR scales impact by developing and supporting a national network of Affiliates. These Affiliates are non-partisan, public-private organizations that galvanize local or statewide mentoring movements. They provide the leadership and infrastructure necessary to support the expansion of quality mentoring relationships. MENTOR Affiliates also serve a unique role as a clearinghouse for training, resources, public awareness and advocacy, providing the critical link between MENTOR’s national efforts and local organizations and programs that foster and support quality mentoring relationships. As designated MENTOR Affiliates, they inform and distribute our research and resources.


MENTOR Affiliates are focused on the following key priorities:

  • Advancing the quality of the local mentoring field by building relationships with new and existing mentoring programs and providing capacity building trainings and technical assistance grounded in evidence-based approaches.
  • Engaging a wide variety of public and private stakeholders to increase both the number of volunteer mentors as well as resources for the local mentoring field.
  • Collecting data on a regular basis to describe the impact of mentoring in the broader community and identify gaps in the range of services needed.
  • Expanding public and private support and investment in mentoring through public awareness and advocacy efforts that foster communities that prioritize quality youth mentoring.

MENTOR Affiliates have developed solid, field-tested solutions to some of the mentoring movement’s greatest challenges.

California Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To act as an advocate for the advancement of effective mentoring by encouraging, developing, strengthening, and sustaining quality mentoring programs throughout the state.

CA, Jim Kooler

Founded: Relaunched 2014 Administrator: Dr. Jim Kooler Website: http://www.camentoringpartnership.org Contact: P: (530) 219-2950 E: jimk@tcoe.org

MENTOR Colorado

Mission: To champion a collective movement in Colorado that will improve the number of quality mentoring relationships for young people.

CO, Brad Strong

Founded: 2013 Executive Director: Brad Strong Website: http://www.comentoring.org Contact: P: (720) 456-8882 E: Brad.Strong@comentoring.org

Governor’s Prevention Partnership

Mission: To partner with schools, businesses, community and faith-based organizations to safeguard that children are involved in safe, quality mentoring relationships, while building and sustaining a strong base of leaders and key stakeholders committed to mentoring.

CT, Jill Spineti

Founded: 1989 President and CEO: Jill Spineti Website: http://www.preventionworksct.org Contact: P: (860) 523-8042 ext. 18 E: jill.spineti@preventionworksct.org

Mentor Center of Palm Beach County 

Mission: To improve measurably the lives of individuals and families in Palm Beach County by uniting the resources of donors, volunteers, agencies and the community.

FL, Gary Graham

Founded: 1999 Mentoring Initiative Director: Gary Graham Website: http://www.unitedwaypbc.org Contact: P: (561) 375-6638 E: garygraham@unitedwaypbc.org

MENTOR Illinois

Mission: To promote healthy development by significantly expanding the quantity and quality of mentoring relationships for children and youth in Illinois

IL, Margie Morris

Founded: 2012 Executive Director: Margie Morris Website: http://www.ilmentoring.org Contact: P: (312) 516-5559 E: mmorris@ilmentoring.org

Indiana Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To empower youth champions to expand and deliver quality mentoring to meet the needs of communities across Indiana.

Founded: 2008 Vice President of Statewide Outreach: December LeTexier Website: https://www.abetterhour.org Contact: P: (317) 396-2726 E: dletexier@iyi.org

Iowa Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To improve lives, strengthen communities and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering by supporting quality mentoring programs.

IA, Mary Sheka

Founded: 2001 Director: Mary Sheka Website: https://www.iowamentoring.org Contact: P: (515) 725-3187 E: mary.sheka@iowa.gov

Kansas Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To ensure that young Kansans are receiving the highest quality mentoring services by recruiting more Kansans to become involved in youth mentoring efforts.   Founded: 2006 Contact: Jessica Noble  Website: http://kansasmentors.org Contact: P: (785) 296-3163  E: jnoble@ksde.org

Mass Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To fuel the movement to expand empowering youth-adult relationships across Massachusetts by working with mentoring programs and youth development organizations to assess programmatic needs and organizational capacity to provide customized strategies that strengthen youth, families and communities. MA, Marty Martinez Founded: 1992 President and CEO: Marty Martinez Website: http://massmentors.org Contact: P: (617) 695-2448 E: mmartinez@massmentors.org

Mentor Michigan

Mission: To enable youth to successfully transition to adulthood, by supporting agencies that foster ongoing, stable, safe, quality relationships with caring adults. Founded: 1999 Executive Director: Virginia Holmes Website: https://www.michigan.gov/mentormichigan Contact: P: (517) 335-4295 E: holmesv@michigan.gov

MENTOR Minnesota

Mission: To build and elevate the capacity of programs, systems and policies to strengthen youth mentoring relationships. MN, Mai Anh Kapanke Founded: 1994 Executive Director: Mai-Anh Kapanke  Website: http://www.mentormn.org/ Contact: P: (612) 399-0227 E: mai-anh@mpmn.org

Midlands Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To increase the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships in Nebraska. NE, Deborah Neary Founded: 1999 Executive Director: Deborah Neary Website: http://mmpomaha.org Contact: P: (402) 715-4176 E: dneary@mmpomaha.org

The Newark Mentoring Movement

Mission: To transform our community by preparing youth to succeed in life, through positive mentoring relationships. NJ, Elizabeth Weisholtz Founded: Relaunch 2012 Executive Director: Elizabeth Weisholtz  Website: http://www.newarkmentoring.org Contact: P: (973) 286-2472 E: elizabethw@newarkmentoring.org

Mentor New York

Mission: To bring caring adults together with children in need through safe, effective mentoring programs. NY, Jean Lahage Cohen Founded: 1992 Executive Director: Jean Lahage Cohen Website: http://www.mentornewyork.org Contact: P: (212) 953-0945 Ejlcohen@mentorkids.org

The Mentoring Center of Central Ohio

Mission: To accelerate the quality and quantity of mentoring across Ohio to help transform children’s lives for the better. Founded: 1998 Executive Director: Elizabeth Joy Website: http://www.mentoringcenterco.org Contact: P: (614) 839-2447 ext. 103 E: ejoy@bbbscentralohio.org

Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest

Mission: To expand positive life opportunities for all young Oregonians by connecting them with caring mentors. OR, Celeste Janssen Founded: 2001 Director: Celeste Janssen Website: http://educationnorthwest.org Contact: P: (503) 275-9580 ECeleste.Janssen@educationnorthwest.org

MENTOR Independence Region

Mission: To expand the mentoring field’s regional capacity to reach more school-aged children with caring, committed adult mentors, using best practices, training and professional support to achieve lifelong positive educational and behavioral outcomes for youth. PA, Abigail Ellis Founded: 2015 Executive Director: Abigail Ellis  Website: http://www.partnersinmentoring.org Contact: P: (215) 701-8108 Eaellis@partnersinmentoring.org

Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Mission: To promote the importance of quality mentoring; present best practices and research; and deliver training, technical assistance and professional development for the staff and volunteers of local mentoring programs. PA SW, Colleen Fedor Founded: 1995 Executive Director: Colleen Fedor  Website: http://www.mentoringpittsburgh.org Contact: P: (412) 281-2535 Ecfedor@mentoringpittsburgh.org

MENTOR Rhode Island 

Mission: Our mission is to ensure youth have access to the motivational and supportive relationships they need to grow into confident, successful adults. Jo-Ann-SchofieldFounded: 1990 President and CEO: Jo-Ann Schofield Website: http://mentorri.org Contact: P: (401) 732-7700  Ejschofield@mentorri.org

TEAM UP Youth Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To bring together a broad range of community groups and leaders to support responsible mentoring initiatives in Memphis/Shelby County and to promote mentoring as a strategy to prevent youth violence, substance abuse, school drop-outs, and other negative behaviors limiting children’s prospects for success. TN, Diane Terrell Founded: 2001 Executive Director: Diane Terrell Website: http://www.grizzliesfoundation.org Contact: P: (901) 205-1253  Edterrell@grizzlies.com

Texas Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To share mentoring information, promote mentoring awareness, learn of mentoring best-practices and foster collaboration in the mentoring community. TX, Belinda Saldana Harmon Founded: 2015 Director of Community Outreach: Belinda Harmon Website: http://www.utsa.edu/mentoring Contact: P: (210) 458-2904 E: Belinda.Harmon@utsa.edu

Mobius — Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To develop a culture of mentoring throughout the state of Vermont by providing resources and support to one-to-one adult-to-youth mentoring programs so they can succeed, grow, and meet the needs of youth in their communities. VT, Chad Butt Founded: 2003 Executive Director: Chad Butt Website: http://www.mobiusmentors.org Contact: P: (802) 658-1888 E: chad@mobiusmentors.org

Virginia Mentoring Partnership

Mission: To provide training and technical assistance to mentors and mentoring programs to increase the quality and quantity of mentoring for Virginia’s youth. VA, Elizabeth Bass Cleland Founded: 1993 Executive Director: Elizabeth Bass Website: http://www.vamentoring.org Contact: P: (804) 828-1536 E: elizabeth@vamentoring.org

Mentoring Works Washington

Mission: To promote, support and expand quality mentoring that fosters positive youth development and academic success. WA, Simon Amiel Founded: 1999 Executive Director: Simon Amiel Website: http://www.mentoringworkswa.org Contact: P: (425) 213-5844 E: samiel@wamentors.org

MENTOR would like to express sincere gratitude and thanks to our Affiliates for contributing so many wonderful photos of their mentoring programs which showcase real-life relationships between mentors and mentees.  Photos throughout our website are courtesy of the following:  Mentor Michigan, Mass Mentoring Partnership, Mentoring Works Washington, Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania (copyright Renee Rosensteel, used with permission), Midlands Mentoring Partnership, Mentoring Partnership and Resource Center, Mobius Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership, Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership and Mentor Colorado.