Accelerating Employee Engagement with Mentoring

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Leveraging Diverse Youth Mentoring Programs to Accelerate Employee Engagement

AT&T has been a pioneer in the collective impact movement through its Aspire Program. Focusing on both philanthropic support and the time and talent of their employees, Aspire aims to equip young people with the skills they need to reach their highest potential and become leaders in today’s digital, global economy.

The challenge of high school graduation and college and career readiness is real: youths of color and youths from low-income households trail far behind their middle- and upper- income peers. AT&T recognized this national crisis and has supported research and movement building to raise the national graduation rate. In addition, they built the Aspire Mentoring Academy (AMA).

The AMA is unique in that it provides a collective space for its nonprofit partners to meet, communicate, share strategies and challenges, and look for ways to collaborate with one another. MENTOR and AT&T’s whitepaper, written in partnership with Civic Enterprises, details how companies can more deeply engage their employees by setting up mentoring programs and how they can benefit from the collective impact nonprofits contribute to.

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