Supporting and Inspiring Native Youth

A critical orientation for mentoring programs and mentors who work with or in American Indian/Alaska Native communities

Who is this orientation for?
  • Mentoring program staff members who work with or in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities.
  • Formal and informal mentors who work with AI/AN youth.
This orientation you will prepare you to:
  • Articulate the landscape of AI/AN communities without replicating damaging stereotypes or oppressive structures.
  • Recognize the strengths and complexities in Native youth identity.
  • Identify challenges and barriers that systemic oppression creates for AI/AN youth.
  • Identify opportunities to support and celebrate youth identity.
What to Expect
  • Plan to spend 10-15 minutes interacting with the chapter content.
  • We recommend that you go through each chapter in sequence starting with chapter one, but you are welcome to explore any of the chapters at any time.
  • Set aside extra time to review the additional resources shared in this training.
  • We invite you to approach this as an ongoing exploration. At the end of each chapter you will be prompted to use the companion reflection guide to consider key questions on your own.


15 min

1. The Landscape
group discussion


15 min

3. Your Identity
native american boat


5 min

5. Your Resources


5 min

6. Call to Action


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