Mentor Resources & Publications

This is a collection of resources and publications produced by MENTOR and its affiliate Mentoring Partnerships have produced over the past 25 years.

Research in Action

Research in Action is an innovative series that highlights the importance of connecting mentoring research to practice and policy to increase the impact of youth mentoring. The series contains 10 issues on some of the most pressing topics facing the youth mentoring field. The foundation of each issue is Research – an article written by a leading scholar who summarizes the latest research and offers insight into the implications of that research on mentoring practice. Those implications are then expanded into tools, activities, resources, or training exercises in the Action section, providing practitioners with a concrete application of the research findings in their everyday operations. Finally, each issue concludes with a list of additional Resources on the topic. The Research in Action series was funded by a generous grant from the MetLife Foundation.

Mentoring Immigrants and Refugee Youth

 Mentoring Immigrants and Refugee Youth

Wisdom of Age (for mentors)

 Wisdom of Age (for mentors)

Wisdom of Age (for staff)

 Wisdom of Age (for staff)

The Mentoring Effect


Why Mentoring Works

Business Case for Mentoring


Gain Value for Businesses

Issue Briefs


Investing in Mentoring

The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring


Read the Evidence

Background Checks


screening volunteers

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